Read It and Laugh!

Good Morning my friends!  As I prepare my next blog, I want to share a friend’s essay on writing, blog writing in particular.  It’s so accurate, I think he wrote it with me in mind.  Enjoy!

Thank you Katy Starr for loaning me your space. I don’t have my own blog. I’ve shied away from having one because I’m afraid of what might happen. I wander through blogs to spy a lot but never comment. I’ve always felt that comments are like the whisper game I played in high school. By the time you get to the end of the comments you’ve forgotten what the blog topic was.

As a memoir writer, I know the importance of self-revelation and honesty, but I’m afraid if I used it in a blog it would scare readers away. Who wants to read about my behavioral warts? Too depressing, right?  So I’d likely suffer from Blog Block – blocking out readers, then hemming and hawing about what to write in my next blog and going months on end – waiting for my life to turn perfect. Blank Blog, the most dangerous decease a blogger can suffer.

Then again, I don’t want to create Blog Clog, postings that are too frequent and too lengthy or Blog Bull, outright dishonest portrayals of Mr. Perfect. So my challenge is to find the happy medium between Blog Block and Blog Clog.

Then there’s the issue of frequency. Maybe bloggers should write at a Blog Jog pace, slower than a run through of one’s life, with postings at least once a month that focus on single thoughts, events or actions.

So my dear friend Katy Starr, now that you’ve already revealed your personal struggles, tell us about your new freedom, flexibility, family time and faith – and the good fortune that follows, one step at a time. Most importantly, have fun doing it.

The Blog Hog, aka Richard F

About katystarr

A traveler, seeker and explorer. Occasionally a philosopher. Doing what I can to simplify and attain a more peaceful life.

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